Newbiggin Maritime Centre

Great gig last night at the Newbiggin maritime centre.  The audience were fantastic, I could not have asked for any  better. Also played with some top acts who I hope to play along in the future. The Pastures are a great 4 peice with amazing harmonies.  Carl Stiansen is a solo artist with great energy and catchy upbeat tempos. 

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New Song

I have been working on a new song for a couple of month now, it has been a difficult one to write as it is about a personal tragedy. The feel of the song took some time to get right (tempo and key), but is finally taking shape.  I have got a basic track layed down for the other musicians who are working on this project with me.

I will be eventually recording it for sale and all the proceeds will be going to Cameron's kisses which is raising money for baby wards throughout the North East.


I am redesigning the site at the moment so it is mobile device friendly. once it is completed I will be updating more often and adding new stuff.

Free MP3's

Please feel free to download 'Tell Me' and 'Your Return' from Reverbnation.  You do not have to join or sign up to a mailing list to get the songs for free, just go to the site and download them.


Two things I usually stay clear of when writing, are politics and religion.  There is a lot of tension and anger throughout the world and it is based on beliefs and greed.  ‘Numbers’ is a song about the very few that control our lives and dictate to us what we should think and do.

Updating the website

I am currently updating the website, so you will see it change a little over the next week or two.  I am hoping to set the site up so it is more like a blog site as I will be posting updates from time to time.


I have recently written some new material, which I will be recording very soon. I had a bit of a dry spell and did not write anything new for a few month, so decided to put the songwriting on the backburner for a while and the break has done me good.

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