Record Label

I recently had an audition for a major record label. I didn't get through,  but I was given some great constructive feedback.  I am going to take the whole experience as a great opportunity to develop myself as an artist. I have got some new songs that I am half way through recording and hope to have them finished very soon.

Better World EP

As some of you will know, a while back I released the EP 'Better Word'.  Due to the company who were distributing it messing up big time and not being bothered to resolve the issue, I decided to remove it from sale.


Newbiggin Maritime Centre

Great gig last night at the Newbiggin maritime centre.  The audience were fantastic, I could not have asked for any better. Also played with some top acts who I hope to play along in the future. The Pastures are a great 4 peice with amazing harmonies and  Carl Stiansen (Carl Cape) is a solo artist with great energy and catchy upbeat tempos. 


New Song

I have been working on a new song for a couple of month now, it has been a difficult one to write as it is about a personal tragedy. The feel of the song took some time to get right (tempo and key), but is finally taking shape.  I have got a basic track layed down for the other musicians who are working on this project with me.

I will be eventually recording it for sale and all the proceeds will be going to Cameron's kisses which is raising money for baby wards throughout the North East.